Stubborn Perseverance

Gospel movements disciple nations!

Gospel movements, such as we see in the New Testament ministries of Jesus and Paul, are bursting forth today in hundreds of contexts and cultures!

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Stubborn Perseverance is a “how to” manual written as the captivating story—based on real events—of a gospel movement multiplying disciples—illustrating and detailing biblical principles by which YOU can pursue God for a gospel movement in your own context.

David Garrison, author of A Wind in the House of Islam writes:

Stubborn Perseverance isn’t just a manual, it’s a record of the inner workings of a real church-planting movement that invites readers to join the exciting adventure of launching such movements.

Stubborn Perseverance represents a new spirit of collaboration among practitioners—learning from and building on one another’s successes—through which gospel movements are being launched at an ever-increasing pace, in places and peoples once considered “resistant.”

Why Stubborn Perseverance?

Many laborers, along with their prayer and support teams, labor without the vision and guidance to effectively pursue God for a gospel movement.

Stubborn Perseverance presents, in an enjoyable story format, a distillation of best practices from several different approaches to gospel movements, providing:

  • a unique, inside look at how gospel movements develop, and
  • practical steps for seeking God with others for a movement in your own context.

Based on actual events, Stubborn Perseverance walks readers step by step through the principles and practices by which many around the world are now collaborating with the Holy Spirit to launch gospel movements.

For maximum fruitfulness, find a mentor with movement experience to guide you in gathering others to discuss and apply Stubborn Perseverance to your own context.

What do other say about Stubborn Perseverance?

I’ve read Contagious Disciple-Making, Miraculous Movements, and Wind in the House of Islam. And I’ve trained in Any-3 and Camel Method (all great!). Stubborn Perseverance distills them into the manual I want for our team.
K.D., field team leader in SE Asia

Other movement materials left me confused and overwhelmed. They sounded good in principle, but I had no idea how to proceed on my own or explain the concepts to others. Stubborn Perseverance solves all of that.
Don Vincent, correctional officer pursuing a movement in a prison

Stubborn Perseverance is now my #1 training tool for church-planting movements! The story both explains and illustrates the essential steps of multiplying disciples to launch such a movement.
John Becker, International Coordinator for Vision 5:9, Director of Ministries for AIM International

Stubborn Perseverance is a well-crafted story revealing the revolutionary principles of multiplicative disciple making. The story is inspiring and the questions following each chapter are a team training treasure trove. This is a book I will buy by the case!
Roy Moran, author of Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied

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