Stubborn Perseverance

Sample Study Questions

Stubborn Perseverance is more than a story; it’s a manual.

While Stubborn Perseverance is full of information, presented in the form of a story for better retention and deeper understanding, the emphasis is on practical, team application.

Thus each chapter concludes with points to Discuss and Apply:

  1. Faisal had to stop doing good activities so he would have time to focus on starting a CPM. What activities do you need to stop doing to have time to help start or build a CPM?
  2. Discuss the role of an outside mentor and why it is essential to have a mentor guide you in applying a manual like this book. If no one in your team has an outside mentor, decide how you will find one.
  3. Four reasons were given for sharing our faith. State these reasons in your own words.
  4. How would you define CPM in your own words?
  5. What were the main points shared about God?
  6. What were the main points about vision?
  7. What were the main points about prayer?
  8. What did you learn about fasting? What are some different ways people fast?
  9. Discuss why Faisal aimed to facilitate discussion rather than be perceived as the expert.
  10. What did you learn about prayerwalking?
  11. State the five places to prayerwalk listed in this chapter. Where else could you prayerwalk?
  12. Schedule a time to fast and go prayerwalking with a teammate.
  13. List fifteen unsaved family or friends, and commit to hold each other accountable to pray for them daily.
  14. Share what you believe God wants you to do in the next 24–48 hours from what you learned in this chapter.
  15. In twos or threes, share the name of one person from each of your prayer lists, and pray for God to begin convicting them of sin and opening their heart to the gospel.

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