Stubborn Perseverance

Praise from Practitioners

A model of teaching evangelism and disciple-making in a format more likely to be ingested than lecture or a list of instructions on evangelizing Muslims. The story may lack the tougher side of the task, and the inevitable disappointments, especially for outsiders pioneering where there are few nationals able and willing to confront Muslims with the claims of Christ Jesus, but it will give hope to those who have little hope that they could be fruitful in ministry with Muslims.

Greg Livingstone, Founder, Frontiers. Senior Associate, World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church
You’ve Got Libya: A Life Serving in the Muslim World

Stubborn Perseverance isn’t just a manual, it’s a record of the inner workings of a real church-planting movement that invites readers to join the exciting adventure of launching such movements.

David Garrison, Executive Director of Global Gates
A Wind in the House of Islam
Church Planting Movements

Church Planters: Do not overlook this gem! No matter how experienced you are, Stubborn Perseverance will stretch you, open new vistas, and give you a fresh appreciation of the scope and variety of church-planting movements. A rare combination of serious scholarship and fun fiction!

—George Patterson
Come Quickly Dawn
Obedience-Oriented Education

The use of fiction in Stubborn Perseverance is truly a creative way to provide training in best practices for establishing movements.

—Kevin Greeson, church-planting movement (CPM) trainer
The Camel Method

Because they are movements of GOD, the counter-intuitive parts of a CPM can be puzzling to a Western practitioner. Stubborn Perseverance does a masterful job of explaining these parts and offering a very specific path to partner with the Spirit to catalyze such movements—especially among Muslims. And he does it in a very readable fashion!

—Steve Smith
T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution
Hastening: Book One in the No Place Left saga
Rebirth: Book Two in the No Place Left saga

Stubborn Perseverance reads like a journal rather than a manual. The journey it takes you on requires stubborn perseverance, but when you arrive you’ll be surrounded by multiplying communities of Jesus followers. If that’s where you long to go, read this book.

—Steve Addison,
Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches
What Jesus Started: Joining the Movement, Changing the World
Movements That Change the World: Five Keys to Spreading the Gospel

There is a great need for resources like this to equip fishers of men!

—Victor Choudhrie, CPM leader in India
Greet the Church in your House

Stubborn Perseverance is helpful for all practitioners ministering among Muslims. The story-telling utilizes a time-proven method of sharing Christ. I particularly appreciated how the believers interact with common objections raised by Muslims.

—Phil Parshall
Bridges to Islam: A Christian Perspective on Folk Islam

Stubborn Perseverance offers the best hope for countering fear, anger and hatred that escalate Islamic radicalism. Follow this Spirit-led approach that applies principles for us to become be part of the so-elusive solution!

—Mark Siljander, Ambassador, former U.S. Congressman, President of Bridges to Common Ground
A Deadly Misunderstanding

Looking for inspiration and guidance to plant churches and make multiplying disciples? Stubborn Perseverance is the book for you!

—Ted Esler, President of Missio Nexus
Overwhelming Minority

Stubborn Perseverance brings alive the key elements of launching a movement and helps one understand what it “looks like” to become a disciple-maker who makes disciple-makers. Every critical element for launching movements is well illustrated here.

—Kent Parks, President of Beyond

Stubborn Perseverance is one of the most practical resources yet for those called to ignite disciple-making movements.

—Steve Richardson, President of Pioneers-USA

Stubborn Perseverance infuses a ton of foundational learning into a real-life chronicle of value to practitioners everywhere.

—Doug Lucas, President of Team Expansion and Editor of Brigada

The story format of Stubborn Perseverance puts you right in the middle of a movement and helps you see Christ’s life commingled with the resolute faith and labor of ordinary people. The stories are designed to be enacted and practiced, making this book as practical as it is encouraging.

—Steve Hawthorne, Founder, WayMakers, Co-Editor
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader

Are you among the thousands striving to launch a church-planting movement but lacking spectacular fruit? You’ll find Stubborn Perseverance deeply encouraging. It is honest. The numbers are not unrealistic. And the stories are real. So take heart, you are not alone. And there is hope!

—Floyd McClung, Founder of All Nations,
The Father Heart of God: Experiencing the Depths of His Love for You
Follow: A Simple and Profound Call to Live Like Jesus

Stubborn Perseverance illustrates how multiplicative ministry integrates in a true-to-life situation. It is helpful for anyone desiring to help launch a Kingdom movement, especially those serving among Muslims.

—Curtis Sergeant, CPM trainer, Founder of MetaCamp

Stubborn Perseverance is a wonderful narrative of sharing Christ’s love with a network of relationships in a culture, leading them to discover and obey Isa Al Masih. It will equip trainers with principles and methods for kingdom movements through Discovery Bible Studies.

—Jim Haney, Director, IMB Global Research

People cannot do what they cannot imagine. Many cannot imagine that kingdom movements can happen. Stubborn Perseverance will not only help them imagine with faith, but also implement! This book is a great gift to the global Body of Christ.

—Stan Parks, movement trainer, VP Global Strategies for Beyond

Stubborn Perseverance reflects the true-to-life coaching and, dare I say, “shepherding” needed to walk through doors opened by God’s Spirit. CPM’s are not microwaved, they come in the power and timing of God’s Spirit as believers take up simple disciplines revealed in scripture.

—Nathan Shank, movement trainer
Four Fields of Kingdom Growth

This is not fiction! I have seen thousands of Muslims follow Jesus through the principles illustrated so vibrantly in Stubborn Perseverance. This story will fill you with hope and enthusiasm.

—Dave Hunt, V.P. for Disciple-Making Movements, Cityteam, Int.

If you long to see Muslims come to Christ and churches among the unreached, Stubborn Perseverance is for you. I’m going to have our whole staff read this roadmap for success.

—Tom Doyle, Vice President and Middle East Director for e3 Partners
Dreams and Visions—Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

What a treasure trove of practical help for anyone reaching out to Muslims or seeking to plant churches among the unreached. Read and apply this book, and watch God work!

—Steve Shadrach, Executive Director, Center for Mission Mobilization, Founder, Support Raising Solutions
The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising

If only we had these insights half a century ago we would have been prepared to see God do then what he is doing today. If this book sings to your heart, you may be an apostle in the making.

—Galen Currah, CPM trainer, consultant for People of YES!
Start Churches Now!

What an amazing read! The narrative helped me see the principles of disciple-making/church-planting movements, and how ordinary believers can pursue these in their daily lives.

—Brent Lindquist, President, Link Care Center

This CPM model follows the principles in Donald McGavran’s Bridges of God, allowing the Gospel to flow through natural cultural networks. Everyone who feels called to evangelistic outreach should read this book!

—Glenn Schwartz, Founder, World Mission Associates
When Charity Destroys Dignity

Stubborn Perseverance is now my #1 training tool for church-planting movements! The story both explains and illustrates the essential steps of multiplying disciples to launch such a movement.

—John Becker, International Coordinator for Vision 5:9, Director of Ministries for AIM International

Stubborn Perseverance is a well-crafted story revealing the revolutionary principles of multiplicative disciple making. The story is inspiring and the questions following each chapter are a team training treasure trove. This is a book I will buy by the case!

—Roy Moran
Spent Matches: Igniting the Signal Fire for the Spiritually Dissatisfied

Stubborn Perseverance is both a readable story and a useful training tool, vividly portraying application of CPM principles by ordinary believers.

—L.D. Waterman, CPM encourager and resource with Beyond

Stubborn Persistence shows Christ followers walking alongside those who believe differently, guiding them to become disciples as Jesus did. This captivating story of Muslims responding to the message of grace illustrates nine relational practices which Jesus modeled and you can follow.

—Mary Schaller, Co-author of
The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations

Stubborn Perseverance is an engaging way to “teach” principles of promoting movements to Christ. It is a promising tool for small groups to read, discuss, and then apply in their context.

—Jonathan Lewis, Go Global Network
Mision Mundial

Stubborn Perseverance
depicts three couples in community, engaging their Muslim neighbors in following Jesus. Let’s learn from this valuable model and put it into practice in our own communities!

—Nate Scholz, Hub Community Network, Omega Challenge, Vision 5:9
Coffee & Orange Blossoms: 7 Years & 15 Days in Tyre, Lebanon

Stubborn Perseverance is an accessible guide for catalyzing movements among Muslim peoples. Complete. Practical. Engaging. Inspiring.

—Jayson Georges,, The Culture Test
The 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures
Ministering in Honor-Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials

Stubborn Perseverance is an excellent guide for those seeking God for a church-planting movement. It teaches how to begin movements, how to disciple new leaders, and then how to “get out of the way” so others can repeat the process without outside interference.

—Keith Carey, Editor for the Global Prayer Digest

Stubborn Perseverance employs masterful characters, with whom we can all identify, to lead us to a clear understanding of how movement principles advance the gospel in real-world situations.

—Doug Sullivan, Regional Leader for The Navigators

Stubborn Perseverance tells a story that models the principles it teaches, then brings understanding alive through small group discussion. Anyone pursuing evangelism and church-planting movements needs this book!

—Al Vom Steeg, Senior International Director, International Leadership Institute

The experiences in Stubborn Perseverance are similar to our own. The material is ideal for our weekly meetings and monthly Roundtables. This is the perfect guide-book for continuing our journey.

—Steven Steinhaus, CPM trainer for Muslim unreached people groups

Simple to understand, but application requires Christ’s empowering presence. And that is what we see. The narrative drew me in and challenged me. Buy, read, and discuss in a small group!

—Dick Nelson, Global Outreach Director (retired), Fellowship Bible Church

Stubborn Perseverance is chock full of field-tested insight and fascinating cultural tidbits. Stubbornly persevere in applying these principles and, by God’s grace, He will use you to help launch a people movement to Christ.

—Chris Lipp, Missions Pastor, McKinney Church

The principles in Stubborn Perseverance, if lived out, will transform your sphere of influence. This paradigm shift will prove invaluable to many!

—Neil Gamble, CPM trainer, Founder of Father’s Hand Ministries
These Signs Shall Follow

Stubborn Perseverance is outstanding. It brings to life the principles of church-planting movements in a most remarkable way.

—Felicity Dale
An Army of Ordinary People

Stubborn Perseverance is a treasure trove of hands-on insights and practical nuggets to equip church planters for the Lord’s harvest among unreached peoples everywhere. May we see multitudes of church planting movements launched around the world as a result of this book.

—Julyan Lidstone, Ambassador for OM Muslim Ministries

Stubborn Perseverance illustrates how to lovingly and winsomely relate the gospel to Muslims. It reveals principles of conversation that can lead to movements, and shows how to apply them in real life situations. I give it my highest recommendation!

—Paul Bartlett, missionary to Muslims/lead writer for The Kingdom Conversation

My church is celebrating 20 years of adopting an unreached people, and Stubborn Perseverance is rekindling passion and perseverance for our commitment to see His church come forth in our people group!

—Leonie Kent, Missions Pastor at Living Way Fellowship

I wish, when we started in Indonesia more than 60 years ago, we’d had something like Stubborn Perseverance to guide us toward planting strong, reproducing churches amongst a seemingly resistant people group.

—L.L., retired long-term field worker among Hindu Balinese

I’ve read Contagious Disciple-Making, Miraculous Movements, and Wind in the House of Islam, and trained in Any-3 and Camel Method (all great!). Stubborn Perseverance distills them into the manual I want for our team.

—K.D., field team leader in SE Asia

A very practical and useful tool for those endeavoring to minister to Muslims. Stubborn Perseverance presents an effectual way of communicating the gospel with basic discipleship.

—Dave Stevens, adjunct professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Stubborn Perseverance illustrates the Acts model of relational community, God-centeredness under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of prayer and spiritual warfare in the midst of persecution.

—Linda Bemis, Prayer Director for International Orality Network

Stubborn Perseverance can be applied with good results in many settings, not just with Muslims. The characters show flexibility in their approach to winning people to Christ. If you’ve ever thought “a movement can’t happen here,” read this book!

—Bob French, missionary trainer with World Team

Stubborn Perseverance brilliantly presents the often opaque interplay of culture, personality, spiritual engagement, and divine intervention that accompanies church multiplication within unreached people groups.

—Bruce Sidebotham, Operation Reveille and Adopt a Terrorist for Prayer

Anyone taking the Gospel across cultures (or across the street) would do well to apply Stubborn Perseverance. It clarifies vividly what a church-planting movement can look like, illustrating proven tools to move past theory—a refreshing and needed book!

—Levi, Global Outreach Director, Fellowship Bible Church

I thought I’d be slow working through the book as I was busy with training and the harvest (four Chinese students baptized last night). But I couldn’t stop reading it! SO practical! Stubborn Perseverance helped me visualize the disciple-making process like nothing else I’ve read.

—CE, trainer at Every Nation Ministries

WOW! Stubborn Perseverance is fully practical, not only for reaching Muslims, but anyone who doesn’t know the true gospel. I’m applying these principles with middle-class Americans and Hindus, and God is moving and working! A must read for anyone wanting to reach the lost!

—Beth, volunteer youth worker and homemaker

Stubborn Perseverance shows what applying CPM principles looks like. Every believer can benefit, as we are all called to make disciples. I look forward to seeing God move as I apply this among refugees in my city.

—Lauren, Physicians Assistant and volunteer with refugees

Stubborn Perseverance helped me see how Discovery Bible Study can encourage Holy Spirit-led instruction, conviction and obedience even prior to salvation, and equipped me for more effective prayer.

—Debbie W, sender, supporter, intercessor

Other movement materials left me confused and overwhelmed. They sounded good in principle, but I had no idea how to proceed on my own or explain the concepts to others. This book solves all of that.

—Don Vincent, correctional officer pursuing a movement in a prison

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