Stubborn Perseverance

Sample Stubborn Perseverance

There are a variety of ways to sample Stubborn Perseverance:

  • Read the Contents, Forewords, etc. in this on-line PDF.
  • Use Amazon’s Look Inside feature to read the first four chapters.
  • Have Amazon deliver a free sample to your favorite Kindle or free Kindle reader software.
  • Read the first 10 chapters plus some appendices in a sharable on-line PDF.
  • Review the study questions for the first chapter.
  • Request access to a full copy in exchange for your expressed intention to:
    • review the book (on Amazon or elsewhere),
    • offer feedback/proofreading to improve the book,
    • recommend the book to others,
    • share vision with your support base,
    • train your team, or
    • consider a pre-publication purchase (up to 67% discount),